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Here you will earn the Title of A Dragon Sensei through a journey of 11 stages.

The prerequisite for taking the Dragon Initiation Course is a 4-week qigong theory class. Overstanding the fundamental components and philosophies of what exactly Qi is, how to avoid Qi Deviation, & properly cultivate your life force is vital before actually beginning your practice. 

Welcome to the Blue Dragon Qigong Dojo Of Immortals

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The 11 Stages Quick Overview: 

STAGES 1-3: Dragon Initiation (Geb, Auset, Sebek)

STAGES 4-7: Dragon Adept (Hetheru, Heru, Herukhuti, Maat)

STAGES 8-11: Dragon Sensei (Sekhert, Tehuti, Ausar, Amen)

In Depth Overview 



During this course, you will explore the foundations of Blue Dragon Qigong and connect with the ancient wisdom of the Khamitic pantheon.

  1. Stage 1: Geb - (The Earth) In this stage, you will learn the importance psychic equilibrium,  dietary laws, the basic postures, movements, and breathing techniques of Blue Dragon Qigong. You will connect with the grounding energy of Geb by understanding the principles of sublimated food, water, and oxygen & the variations of Qi that can be absorbed from different environments (Lakes, Oceans, Mountains, Plants, etc.) to build a solid foundation for your practice.

  2. Stage 2: Auset - (The Divine Mother) As you progress, you will delve into the nurturing and compassionate energy of Auset and learn how to embody the devotion principle. You will develop your ability to go into trance through the water element and cultivate a deep sense of inner tranquility, integrating the principles of Auset into your Qigong practice.

  3. Stage 3: Sebek - (Opener of The Way) In this stage, you will explore the gentle power of Sebek, it's profound connection the the nervous system, and how to investigate your progress in Qi cultivation. You will learn to harness the power of cellular communication and use it to overcome obstacles, unlock hidden doorways, and access deeper wisdom.


  1. Stage 4: Hetheru - (The Joyful Spirit) At this stage, you will connect with the energy of Hetheru, to cultivate happiness, joy, and inner harmony. You will learn to infuse your Qigong practice with imagery (known as Sesh Metu Neter), positive energy and develop a vibrant, radiant spirit.

  2. Stage 5: Heru - (The Hero's Journey) Here, you will embrace the spirit of Heru, as you embark on your own Hero's Journey. You will face challenges and trials, honing your Qigong skills and refining your character in the process.

  3. Stage 6: Herukhuti - (The Warrior's Discipline) In this stage, you will learn the discipline and focus of Herukhuti, the Warrior. You will refine mental and physical strength, resilience, and determination, mastering the art of self-discipline in your Qigong practice.

  4. Stage 7: Maat - (The Balance of Truth) At this stage, you will embody the principles of Maat and how to find balance within your practice. You will learn to integrate the lessons from the previous stages and maintain balance in your Qigong practice and daily life.


  1. Stage 8: Sekhert - (Spiritual Power) As you transition from adept to sensei, you will unlock the Transformative power of Sekhert. You will learn advanced Qigong techniques to heal yourself and others, and develop a deep understanding of the body's energy systems.

  2. Stage 9: Tehuti - (The Master of Wisdom) In this stage, you will study the ancient teachings and sacred texts of Energetic Medicine. You will gain a profound understanding of the principles that underlie Blue Dragon Qigong and the interconnectedness of all things.

  3. Stage 10: Ausar - (The Eternal Soul) At this stage, you will delve into the mysteries of the soul and the concept of eternal life and oneness as embodied by Ausar. You will learn to cultivate inner peace, spiritual growth, and a deeper connection to your true self through advanced Qigong meditation techniques.

  4. Stage 11: Amen - (The Hidden Essence) In the final stage, you will embrace the energy of Amen, the Hidden Essence, and uncover the unseen aspects of your Qigong practice. You will learn to tap into your innermost potential and realize the full extent of your power as a Dragon Sensei.

  5. Upon completing the 11 stages of the Blue Dragon Qigong Dojo of Immortals, you will have earned the title of Dragon Sensei. With this title comes the responsibility to share the wisdom, knowledge, and skills you have acquired throughout your journey with others. As a Dragon Sensei, you will guide and inspire future generations of practitioners, continuing the legacy of the Blue Dragon Qigong tradition.

Through each stage there will be elaboration on how everything connects from an Ayurvedic perspective as well. See you in the Dojo!

Blue Dragon Qigong Academy Certificate of Completion
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