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Chaparral (Creosote Bush) Herbal Tincture - Antioxidant in a Bottle — 1oz



Creosote Bush Tincture is a powerful herbal remedy that brings the healing energy of Chaparral to your body and soul. Whether you are looking to heal from physical wounds, soothe your pain, or simply connect with your innermost self, this tincture is the perfect choice.With Creosote Bush Tincture, you will tap into the ancient wisdom of traditional herbal remedies, and emerge feeling renewed, revitalized, and deeply connected to the healing energy of the earth.



1. Mix a few drops of extract with Carrier oil and Apply it topically for skin health and wound healing.

2. A few drops in water and ingest.

3. Use it as a mouthwash, add a few drops with herbal mouthwash and use daily.