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Het-Her Womb- Womb Purifying - St Johns Bush Extract Tincture



Let us give thanks to Het Heru the goddess that rules Venus. This divine tincture, Het-Her womb, manifested from my admiration and devotion to the heavenly body Venus, the planet that represents women.Het Her Womb is made using a high power herb exclusively grown in the Caribbean called St John’s Bush. It is best used for improving aliments like Fibroids, irregular cycles, and encouraging overall womb health. This herb is also called “Blood Root” due to its red color produced when preparing it. St Johns Bush has been used by our ancestors for thousands of years to promote deep womb detoxification and restoration.


Each tincture comes with a healing guide providing directions, the batch # , date of creation and expiration date. Shelf life can last up to 3 years.


Warning*  Due to the powerful detoxing nature of St John's Bush, this tincture should NOT be taken while pregnant. Uses for detoxing purposes only! 


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